Transit Lounge Book Review by Sunil Mishra

Transit Lounge by Sunil Mishra

Transit Lounge as the author describes is a contemporary book consisting of short incidents, observations and reflections while travelling to 30 countries across six different continents during the last 15 years.

Transit lounge gives a brief overview of the countries that thTransit Loungee author has visited and how the culture and lifestyle of people are different or similar to that of India. The book isn’t about countries around the world rather it is a personal account of the travels made by the author and about his experience.

With many different countries to visit, you need to be blessed that your line of work, gives you enough freedom to work in various countries around the world. One that I would love to do. I believe that it can be a bit exhausting but at the same time it gives you a birds I view of the traditions, culture and lifestyle of people.

The author has expressed his thoughts and how he felt visiting various places of the world. In a brief over view of the countries, the experiences he has shared is invaluable and in doing so, he has made a comparison between the lifestyle of people in India and that of various countries around the world. How they are similar in the face of chaos and how the countries are different in terms of infrastructure and how one country treats the tourists.

There is one such instance where I was astonished by is, people in Denmark use to commute to work by flights. “He says it was quite a unique revelation for me” and for me as well.

As you go through the pages of the book, you will amaze yourself with fascinating discoveries that you will find about different cities around the world. You can always read about these places on Google and other websites, but to get the first hand experience of a person who has visited those place is unique. Believe me it nothing like Google. Its different and has a taste of its own.

I’m in love with this book and it has inspired me to visit new countries; to discover the world that I haven’t yet seen or known of.

Speaking about the book, barring a few spelling mistakes, I loved the flow and the ease of reading the book. There are a few books in the world where you can just turn any page of the book and start reading, Transit Lounge is one such book. Motivational books are one of those kinds, but Transit Lounge is inspirational book for me. You can say its a non-fiction book but it has inspired me to see more of the world, so an “Inspirational Book.”

Absolutely loved reading the book!



Are There No Good Companies?

6 am pacific

Nityanand Jayraman has a piece in which is a damning indictment of Hindustan Unilever’s role in contaminating a thermometer factory site in Kodaikanal with mercury.

The sordid story carries the usual villainy of an evil corporation that puts its commercial interests above the safety of its workers, the community around it and the environment. While this was a while ago, things haven’t changed much. Even today, we see this movie playing out, in company after company, around the world.

Unilever dumped broken thermometers at the site and let the mercury leach into the ground. It did not train its workers adequately in safety procedures. And when confronted with the clean up after the government shut down the factory, it argued for laxer standards and denied wrongdoing. Pretty standard fare for such cases.

What makes the story uglier though, is that this thermometer factory in Kodaikanal was moved from Watertown in New York…

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The Protective Sheath

Have you ever tried to know what will happen in life and how will you react when something you didn’t expect, that happened in your life. It may be weird or confusing.

Well that is what I am going through now, I never thought of getting completely out of the box and writing about condoms.

So, I have to accept that, has given me the chance to write on, all together a different topic, that is about condoms.

Condom Bazaar is the one stop solution for you to buy condoms online if you feel embarrassed to buy it from the shop.

The website says

v  Your order is shipped in a discreet unmarked package.
v  ‘From address’ will have the name of our healthcare company.
v  Nowhere will it say what you have purchased.
v  Your order will be billed using our corporate name.
v  Your credit card statement will not mention the word ‘condom’.

This assures you not to worry about the packaging and bank statements, until it is opened by someone of your family. And if opened, you know all companies come with the * mark (conditions applied). Better luck buying “condoms”.

Condom bazaar has been operating since 2009, so you can have faith in the company and on the products that they sell. With a wide range of condoms with varieties like dotted, ribbed, ultra thin, double lubricated, etc to search from, you will have great time surfing through the website for your favourite condom flavour and variety.

It also gives women the choice to buy female condoms, which the website proudly says “which men can’t buy”. Very true!!

Condoms are a must to stop STDs and unwanted pregnancies, but in a conservative society like our country, we use less of these life saving products. With the ever increasing youth in the country, it is a must to create awareness and to prevent unwanted worries, which linger if there is no protection while getting intimate with your loved one.

So, is an endeavour in the cause. Visit the website and buy your chosen variety and enjoy getting close and intimate.

It’s all about libido, for which the world grows and continues to create life, generations after generations. will help you in doing that safely.

Untold stories, unsung heroes.

This world is full of stories that have never been told or written about, with its heroes dying a miserable death, without acknowledgement. It makes me think that either they don’t have a voice or they shout out loud, but not enough to be heard in the deafening sound of the fast paced world.

Will they ever rise up to the occasion and be heard or will their voice be submerged in the loud noise around them.

I don’t want to draw conclusions on this, but it really matters to me, how we can ever reach these drowning voices and even more importantly how we can find them in an ever growing galaxy of people all around the world.

Is it easy to live with potential but never given a chance to showcase your talent? It is definitely very difficult to live such a life. And what if you never knew there is a different world altogether looking for pure talent. In the internet web, it is not hard to search a particular kind of talent, but the question is,

Is the person I’m looking for on the Internet world? If not then where can I find the person? I personally think, going back to the orthodox ways of finding raw talent and bringing them to the limelight.

Again I have to take into consideration, about the time factor. Will it not take forever to search them? So, even if I accomplish my most coveted mission, won’t fatigue and frustration take place of excitement and fun with time?

I just wonder at the events and actions that are heeded in order to find a talent and the work is tiring and looks like it is will take forever.

The logical solution to this problem may be a “TIME MACHINE”. For the time being this is just hypothetical. The path is tough and seems to be at a distant horizon, but is adventurous.

Can I ever find a real logical solution, in my quest of finding the unsung heroes and their untold stories?

May future unravel its mystery.

I am envious!!!!

I am pretty surprised at the way people look into this world and as a youngster I do think what guys of my age must be doing in America, Japan, China or any anywhere else in this world and how must be their life as compared to the guys in my state or my college.

I got placed from a campus and my friends are happy for it, but should it be the case where you can be happy for the job you got or it should be like, you can really be happy when you get the freedom do whatever you want in life.

Guys I’m envious about the life of other guys in other parts of the world and what must be they doing at this point of their life. Playing subway surfers and doing the stupid stuff is never gonna take us to the place we want.

Is it that, everything they want is present with them much before they wanted or their forefathers had a foresight, of things that is going to happen in future and they did it much before time and challenged the equilibrium?

There are only two things that are true, first you are alive and second Death is certain and everything else is false. For all the people who say this can’t be done or this is not the correct time to do this and that, are all telling lies. And you have to believe them because the society has named them as elders but there is a lot of things elders don’t know and that is creativity and you can never be certain of the things, that can happen to you in any time and at the times when it seems most imperfect.

What I want to say is that I am in a state of dilemma of what has the future hidden from me tomorrow?

Will tomorrow, change my life forever or it is going to be same as always. The future will unravel itself.

International Happiness Day 23rd March 2015

Happiness is a state of mind and a choice that we have to make to be at our very best. It is just like cell division, as a new cell divides into two and then the two cells divide into four, in an ever growing process, so is happiness in human lives. It is present everywhere and if things are gloomy as it is sometimes, we just need another angle to see things.

I have a reason to believe it, medicine doesn’t cure us (as a matter of fact it does), it is the medicine that gives our brain the message that by having a particular medicine we can cure ourselves, and then the brain does the rest of the work of healing. The mastermind here is the brain and it is responsible for us to be happy or sad or even healing. There is a saying “There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so.”

In this enchanted world it is easy to find happiness, only and only if you are willing to seek it. In the humdrum of life, people forget to take care of simple things that make them happy and are kept at bay from the fortunes of happiness.

We just need to be happy for it releases a neurotransmitter Dopamine, which helps regulate our emotional level and helps us to be even happier. It also helps in increasing our risk taking ability.

What are the things that can keep us happy then?33f7655

This question has been asked again and again in generations and still continues to be the most basic question of all.

It can be the smile of a baby, smiling back to you or the beautiful landscapes and meadows, corn fields, the sweet smell of the red rose for your love; it can be literally come from anything and anywhere.

Of many things that makes me happy are

  • Swimming in the river and drowning in it. Those were the days when I was a kid and used to go to the river for a swim with my brother and grandfather. I want to relive those days now.
  • Running before a baby calf and chasing it throughout the village.
  • Climbing trees and plucking mangoes and blueberries. Chasing away the monkeys trying to steal the mangoes.
  • The ebbing and falling of rice plants and counting the bales of rice and then climbing to the top once they have been piled on the ground.
  • Fighting and playing with brother and sister and even caring for them.
  • Definitely playing cricket.
  • Reading books and blogging.
  • Riding bike as fast as possible and over speeding the speed limit. It just gives a thrilling experience.
  • Challenging situations or things that I haven’t tried out ever before and completing them to the very best that I can.
  • Visiting circus and being amazed by the acrobatics of the performers. And also seeing a Magician doing magic.
  • Going to Baliyatra a vast trade fair to commemorate the Ancient maritime glory of Cuttack.
  • Being on a ship at Paradeep Port with my uncle being an employee in Paradeep Port. It is a unique experience and only very few get to be on a cargo ship with all the goods being exchanged between countries. It is a firsthand experience that you can only know if you are on a cargo ship.

These are some of the wonderful moments that make me happy and those beautiful moments pass by swiftly. Leaving a hope that when we will relive those moments that will make us even happier.

Happiness is a choice and we need to hunt for it even though it may seem at a distant, for it’s an illusion and we need to see beyond it. Magic and Miracles happen in this Universe only.

Concentration is the key…


The most valuable asset in Network Marketing is Time. And next is concentration plus dedication and conviction that the marketing company you are in is The Best.


Here are some key points…


  • Hold on even when you think that quitting is the only option left.
  • Don’t underestimate yourself.
  • Find an undiscovered path and stick to it.
  • Have the courage to take decisions.
  • Have visions and dream big.

Network Marketing is all about knowing what is that you want in life and to what extent you can go, to achieve it. And all you need is to concentrate on your Dreams and Visions and to remove all the unnecessary hurdles.


If you are convinced that whatever you do is the best, then you command respect and success. Just be confident that it is you who can change the world and with it I can help thousands of people around the world to achieve their dreams.


“For when you do believe, anything is possible.”



The ABC’s of Network Marketing

The ABC’s of Network Marketing

A-   Avoid inactive people and inactive sources and avoid inactive habits.

B-   Believe in yourself.

C-    Consider things from every angle.

D-   Don’t give up! Keep Moving.

E-   Enjoy today first.

F-    Family and friends are hidden treasures. Feel them and value them.

G-   Give more than you plan to give.

H-  Hold on to your dreams.

I-      Ignore those people who try to discourage you.

J-     Just do it.

K-  Keep o trying no matter how hard it seems.

L-    Love yourself first in order to others.

M-  Make it happen.

N-   Never lie, cheat and steal.

O-   Open your eyes to what reality is.

P-    Practice makes you perfect.

Q-   Quitters never win and winners never quit.

R-   Read, study and learn everything that is important in your life.

S-     Start procrastinating.

T-    Take control of your dreams.

U-   Understand yourself first.

V-   Visualize your dreams.

W- Want it more than that.

X-  Xccelerate your efforts.

Y-   You are a unique creation of nature

Z-    Zero ease in your goal.

The perfect team

Hands put over another, palms down.
A team formation

Network marketers are truly the Marketers that are made for the 21st century. And what makes them different from the entire world is the wonderful team that they boast upon.


Network Marketing isn’t a one man army. It is not about an individual rather it’s about a team that you have to work with. The most valuable asset of Network Marketers is the Team and the leaders who are willing to do everything that needs to be done for making their dreams come true. You may be the Best Network Marketer, in your given industry of specialization  but without your team you are nowhere to go. All you can do without a team is that you have to start all over again from the beginning. Building a team is important as well as to maintain continuity, and to make that very team the Best of its kind.


What is that a good team does?

1  It duplicates almost everything.


2  Increases time (not work).


3  Increases the productivity.


4  Becomes a source of inspiration.


5  Generates ideas.


6  Supports each other.

The Power of Duplication

7  Work for the betterment of the team.


The best part the team plays in Network Marketing is that it increases that amount of efficiency in a particular interval of time.


I have an example for it, “If you have been given 50 arithmetic questions then you alone can solve those in 50 minutes. Now if 50 questions are divided between 50 friends of yours then it can be solved in 1 minute. And in 50 minutes we as a team can solve as many as 2500 questions which could have taken as many as 50 hours to solve it.”


This is known as the power of duplication. Your team duplicates success, achievements, time and productivity. It is indeed a wonderful job to build a perfect team and to make them leaders. Network Marketers just need to have 2 Business leaders on either side. And now you can enjoy motivating them, leading them and improving them.




** Mark it leaders whatever, the salary a person gets in a JOB, is all because of his/her individual effort, and that is called as real hard work. But it is the Network Marketers who enjoy the most of money and more importantly Network Marketers enjoy more TIME because it is not an individual effort it is a TEAM effort, which is indeed more than any individual receives in a JOB working hours. And this is SMART WORK and NET-WORK.




It’s like a bee-hive that makes grows and grows and it produces more and more honey simultaneously. In Network Marketing is gives you more and more TIME


Isn’t it fun to do nothing and isn’t it better than any job, in any big MNC???


All it need is to build a TEAM, ethically, and work aggressively but with simplicity and with confidence and to value TIME the most.



Simplicity, Continuity and Regularity.


English: A business ideally is continually see...


Network Marketing truly believes in simplicity of the work and believes in, imagination for its said imagination is more important than knowledge. In every aspect of life you need to be simple and honest to self. The greatest virtue of Network Marketing is Honesty. It gives you the power to represent your company in the best possible way with complete transparency. It builds trust among your customers and gives you the power to make an eye contact while talking with your customer. Again continuing with simplicity you need to enjoy your work with ease and effortlessly.



Now you need to focus on the next aspect of Network Marketing and that is




  If you have task to uphold, finish it if you have started, no matter whatever the price you have to pay for it. It gives you the strength to pursue it for a long time. For you are confident that if you have done it once, you can always do in again. Don’t stop in the middle reach the finishing line. And Network Marketing doesn’t have a finishing line.



And coming to the last aspect, i.e.  You have to be regular in Network Marketing. Regularity is the key to success in Network Marketing. If you have been doing Network Marketing as part-time then it means everyday you have to devote specific hours of a day for your business. The problem with regularity is that though we all know it, we don’t remember it. And as your team grows you need to be more regular and more effective. You have to take responsibility and should be responsible for every success and failure of your team. It’s your business and you are solely responsible for your massive and dynamic success.



Things that you can’t compromise in Network Marketing are



  • Time,
  • Self confidence,
  • Efforts,
  • Regularity
  • Continuity
  • Simplicity,
  • Honesty
  • Zeal to be at the very best,
  • Generosity.

All you need to do in the world of Network Marketing is to believe, in the opportunity and accept it with all your heart. For this can make all your dreams come true.

You have two choices in Network Marketing,



Do you want to survive in Network Marketing?




Do you want to reign in Network Marketing?



The choice is always yours, and you have to take a decision and the decision in the favour of Network Marketing will completely change your life forever.



Make Network marketing  your only choice and never an option.

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